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Corporate Athlete Program

One Wellbeing’s Corporate Athlete Program is designed to inspire, empower and educate managers and executives to improve their personal and professional performance to live their best life.

The program implements the principles of elite sport to assist managers and executives effectively manage their energy rather than time in order to reach their ideal performance state, which is crucial to performance in a high pressure environment.

The program is based on the years of knowledge of experts in their field and the first hand experience of Director Chris Lawrence through his 15 year career as an elite athlete.

Please in a blow-up pool taking an ice bath

The Corporate Athlete program consists of 3 modules, containing 3 interactive workshops per module. Participants have ongoing support through a Wellbeing and coaching platform, and have access to mentoring and accountability sessions via the Zoom platform.

Module 1
Optimal Physical Functioning


Module 2
Building Resilience


Module 3
Ideal Performance state


Chris Lawrence talking
  • Understand strategies to have body functioning at optimal level
  • Understand the role of nutrition and gut health on energy management
  • Learn and adopt the physiological benefits of cold water immersion and specific breathing techniques
  • Learn how to build resilience and respond to adversity
  • Learn how to identify and adopt a growth mindset to build resilience
  • Learn how to respond to stress effectively through recovery, adoption and growth
  • Adopt mindfulness and mental health strategies to reduce stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Identify leadership strengths and strategies for growth
  • Learn the role strategic recovery in energy management.
  • Find your ideal performance state
  • Construct personal vision and values to align your focus on your purpose