What is Mindfulness and how can it help you?

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the ability to focus on one’s awareness at the present moment. This is a skill that can be learnt and practiced in order to calmly identify your thoughts, feelings and body sensations whilst blocking out all external distractions.

The ability to control and centre your thoughts and emotions is very important when the stress and pressures of everyday life become overbearing. This leads to a positive mindset generating a positive attitude and feelings in all aspects of life.

Why is it important?

Practicing mindfulness can allow you to bounce back quickly from extreme stress or trauma. Mindfulness allows you to limit the effect that negative thoughts and feelings have on you, by focusing on positive emotions in the present, reducing the impact and severity of stress on the body and potential mental health illnesses.  

Mindfulness Strategies

There are a number of ways in which mindfulness can be practiced to improve positive behaviours and mental wellbeing, however the 4 most effective forms of mindfulness practices include;

Gratitude: Being thankful for what you have and the people around you.

Empathy: The ability to understand the feelings of others. Empathetic gestures can be showing you care about others by doing good deeds for them.

Mindfulness meditation: Meditation in order to slow thought processes and calm the bodies emotions and feelings. This leads to a focus on being present in the now to block out external influences that may arise.

Breathing Strategies: The body relies on the flow of oxygen to function properly. Controlled breathing strategies to slow heart rate and oxygenate the body can help to reduce stress and limit the impact of high pressure situations.

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