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One Wellbeing's 4 week discovery courses have been designed to allow athletes to learn and discover more about areas of potential interest. These training courses build life long skills that athletes can use to grow both personally and professionally.

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Gain a competitive edge with our Sports Psychology Discovery course, covering the nature and scope of psychology, traits of successful athletes, motivation and behaviour, and anxiety and arousal management.

In this Discovery course, you will learn the ins and outs of investing in property. Learn from an experienced Mortgage Broker and delve into buying your first home and the processes involved! 

This Discovery course on the topic of real estate will teach you how to access and interpret property information to identify potential real estate opportunities.

In this Discovery course, you will plan out your new fitness business concept and understand how to market and build your new fitness brand.

In this Discovery course, you will learn to establish or operate a business providing self-employment, as well as those establishing a new venture as part of a larger organisation.

This Discovery course educates you on the fundamental principles of the sharemarket, crypto and NFT’s.

In this Discovery course, you will learn about the broad range of opportunities in the community services landscape. You will identify and learn tools and skills that can allow you to contribute and have an impact across a wide range of community based programs.

This Discovery course in leadership teaches you how to provide team leadership using strategic leadership strategies within the workplace.

This Discovery course in social media marketing teaches you how to develop and manage social media and online strategies to engage customers and build personal brand awareness.

In this Discovery course, you will be provided with a real life case study to design programs for the Orlando Magic NBA team. You will learn the fundamentals of strength and conditioning programming and how this is adapted in an elite sporting environment to accommodate for changing schedules and injuries throughout a season.

In this Discovery course, you will learn how to identify and produce estimated costs for building and construction projects and select and prepare a construction contract.

This Discovery course in career development teaches you how to plan and access career pathways and use targeted communication skill to build and maintain networking relationships

In this Discovery course, you will learn about the Pacific culture, the impact of Pacific athletes in sport and engagement strategies in the sporting workplace.

This Discovery course on the topic of mental health teaches you how to manage your own stress, work with people with mental health and work effectively with individuals suffering from trauma.

This Discovery course in mentoring teaches you how to plan and implement mentor programs, developing and using emotional intelligence and communicating effectively as a workshop leader.

In this Discovery course, you will learn how to communicate a message, connect, and engage an audience and positively impact others through telling your story.

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