This form is an important legal document. It is important that you read and understand before signing.

I understand that I am responsible for my own health, emotional and overall wellbeing and for the attainment of my overall health and fitness goals I have established for myself.

I acknowledge you have strongly recommended and advised I consult my own doctor to confirm my suitability for the group training sessions.

I understand that group training may be physically demanding and has been designed to cater for a broad range of capabilities, not specific to my personal needs.

I understand and am aware that the exercises and equipment involved in group training sessions are potentially hazardous activities that involve the risk of injury and in extreme circumstances, death.

I hereby declare myself to be physically sound, without any existing medical condition or injury (other than those declared on the attached medical questionnaire) that would affect my participation in these sessions.

As I understand all of the above points I assume the risk and responsibility for any injury, illness or death resulting from my participation in group training and will not seek to penalize, prosecute or claim compensation from my trainer or One Wellbeing for any reason.

I also give my permission for One Wellbeing Pty Ltd to use photos and videos taken of me while undertaking fitness training. These images may be used on all social media sites such as but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and for promotion of both the One Wellbeing and One Solutions companies. Promotion of the companies will include websites, publications and any media coverage.

I acknowledge that I will not seek any compensation, financial or otherwise from the use of my images through One Wellbeing. This authorization is ongoing and can only be withdrawn by me in writing.

One Wellbeing do not have designated parking spaces in the underground parking area of 49 Queens Road, however there are ten One Solutions parking spaces which are available to clients training in the Level 5 Training Studio. These spaces are located on B2 and B3 and are clearly marked One Solutions.

Should these spaces not be available, clients will be required to park on the street. Clients should refrain from parking in the spaces dedicated to Fit n Fast, which will be clearly marked.

I acknowledge that the only available parking to me as a training client of One Wellbeing is one clearly marked One Solutions.

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    I hereby acknowledge that I have read and agree to the Client Consent and Release Liability