supporting athletes
through university

Graduates of League program

The Graduates of League program is a higher education support system that provides mentoring, peer tuition, learning support and financial support, which is designed to help semi professional, professional and elite athletes complete their studies.

The Graduates of League program includes...

As apart of this program, you'll get access to....

1-on-1 Student Mentor

Before enrolling in to a degree connect with a student mentor to learn more about the degree and the industry.

1-on-1 Tutoring

Connect with a tutor to support your individual needs with your studies. Giving you guidance and accountability.

Mini Study Courses

Short, fast paced learning, designed to provide athletes with specific skill sets to improve the learning and studying ability.

Assessment Support Services

A range of support services including explaining, planning, proofreading and auditing of assignments.

Live Masterclasses

Join in the live masterclasses with our mentors and universities as we unpack the university athlete programs and find out what advice our mentors would give to athletes.

Grad Library

Build your own personal development portfolio by engaging in a library of book, audio and video resources.

connect with athlete friendly universities

Australian catholic University

Australian national university

University of canberra

Charles Sturt University

Griffith University queensland

James cook university Australia


The university of queensland

Queensland University of technology

University of nSW


University of wollongong