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The power
of adversity

The incredible journey of Chris Lawrence and his 15-year career as a professional athlete, and how he overcame 2 separate injuries likened to car accidents. You will learn the mindset and resilience strategies that can be applied to any challenge or adversity.


the 1%ers

A fun and interactive workshop which implements the principles of elite sport. Learn about what principles can help you find your best to achieve personal goals as well as develop highly effective teams.


The power
of perspective

Michael Crosslands remarkably inspiring story of overcoming extreme adversity to achieve incredible success in both his personal and professional life. Learn the importance of embracing change, the power of perspective and the mindset needed to overcome all odds.

Power of the mind

The power
of the mind

Transforming your mindset through the power of perspective.
Harnessing the tools to take back control, get out of the victim space and start to lead an optimistic life.

Leading for growth

for growth

Establish the fundamental leadership thinking and behaviours required to maximise individual and team performance.

stress response

your stress response

Learn to become more resilient and tolerant to stress and also get in-the-moment strategies to reduce stress anytime, anywhere.

Embrace fear and failure

embrace fear,
failure, & uncertainty

Understand the hidden power in embracing your fears, shift your mindset to find the value in failure, and understand the steps required to excel through uncertainty.


the resilience

Identify and learn the 5 steps to master the skill of resilience, through proven strategies that can be implemented by anyone.

Finding your purpose

your purpose

Identify your individual strengths and values to create your own personal philosophy, which acts as your guiding principles for your behaviours and actions. Understand your vision, set goals and uncover what drives you everyday.