Speak with Impact

Inside each of us, is a natural born story-teller, waiting to be released

  • 6 Weeks


  • 05 October 2021


Speak with impact program

Media Goals and EABS has come together to create Speak with Impact discovery course. This specific course for athletes is a program that exists for communicating a message, connecting, and engaging an audience and positively impacting others. It is a program for athletes who want to take a deep dive into owning their voice, discovering their unique story and to learn how to present with Courage, Confidence and Conviction across a range of platforms.

rebecca Cook

Meet Rebecca Cook

Founder/Boss Lady/CEO

Elite Athlete Business School

Rebecca Cook, ‘Bec’ - Founder/Boss Lady/CEO of the Elite Athlete Business School and the Australian Institute of Business Training, has a love for empowering others. A BIG love for it.

With over 20 + years experience, Bec has designed and delivered professional development programs to an impressive list of professional athletes, sporting organisations, businesses and corporates – and her strengths are in uncovering authenticity in people, helping them to gain confidence, lead from the front and reach their potential on and off the field!

Clients include NRL, Rugby Australia, Cricket Australia, Australian Institute of Sport, A-League, Virgin Blue, NSW Police Force, TNT/FedEx Express, St George Bank to name just a few.

Recently Bec has been working alongside the AIS and Olympic athletes, helping them to find the courage, confidence, and conviction to share their story in a way that will uplift, elevate, and leave a lasting, positive impact on all those who hear it!

Working with these and other remarkable humans energises and motivates Bec to do more and be more herself. Bec’s purpose in life is to encourage everyone to rise above mediocre, reach their personal potential and find their authentic voice.

Meet Niav Owens

Director, Media Goals

Niav loves people & sport; and has combined those passions to carve out a successful career in sports journalism. Niav is also the founder and Director of Media Goals, dedicated to helping athletes and sports execs connect with their communities, tell their stories, and build their brands in an authentic and genuine way.

Niav has been playing, talking and watching sport for as long as she can remember and is a passionate advocate for women in sport. In 2021, Niav was a host of the record-breaking Euro 2020 coverage on Optus Sport. Niav is ABC trained – anchoring live programming on ABC News 24 and hosting the ABC’s flagship summer sports program, National Grandstand on ABC Radio for a number of years.

Niav has worked on some of the biggest sporting events on the planet, but it’s hosting events like the Invictus Games, the Women’s Football World Cup in France and Euro 2020 that are highlights. Events where the on-field action combined with the athletes stories, demonstrated on an international stage that sport has the power to change lives, to reframe social and cultural norms, to do good on a global scale, and to create inescapably uplifting experiences for all.

Niav Owens

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Media Goals

At Media Goals, we do media and communication training differently – because we believe that every client is unique.

We build tailored training programs to ensure you walk away with a personalised experience that targets the areas of communication that you want to improve. Working with you to help you tell your story, communicate with your fans in a genuine and authentic way and become a confident and memorable public speaker.

We know sport. It’s both our business and our pleasure. And we’ll help your team, your club, your athlete, find their mojo when it comes to communicating with the media, sponsors and fans. If you’re a sportsperson, we’ll give you the skills to feel as confident off the field as you do on it

With over 20 years experience in the media, communications and management space, Media Goals will help you stand out for all the right reasons.

Our training methods are hands-on, practical and fun! It’s not just about getting you comfortable – we’ll help you get to a place where you genuinely enjoy sharing your story and communicating with colleagues, team-mates, sponsors, and fans, on camera and remotely

Media Goals will help you find your voice – and use it well


EABS (Elite Athlete Business School) want you to love what you do AND have confidence doing it - in both your professional and personal life.

Our absolute passion is providing you with the tools and knowledge to help you achieve this, to empower you, to provide a pathway to your goals (both on and off the field). In our eyes, if you love what you do then you've already found success.

Our experienced presenters have spent years working with athletes and/or being athletes. They have an understanding of the pressures and challenges in the lives of an athlete - and have walked in your footsteps - they get it! Having this insight into the life of an athlete is imperative to help us help you.

We know that engagement is key to learning so our delivery methods and content are relaxed and most importantly FUN. All of our professional development workshops have been created to build confidence in areas such as public speaking and storytelling, media skills, leadership, effective communication, time management, networking and goal setting. All of these skills, and topics you know and do as athletes, so let's look at how we can transfer and use them in all areas of your life!

All workshops are customisable, in fact we love collaborating with our clients to ensure all objectives are not only met but exceeded. Real life skill sets that can be utilised in your sporting career AND are transferable to life outside of your career.